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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my web site.

I am a consultant Human Givens psychotherapist whose proactive, intuitive and creative adaptation of the Human Givens approach has helped hundreds of children, adolescents and adults deal with challenging life circumstances, bringing understanding and meaning to their lives.

I am also the author of the acclaimed 'Brighter Little Minds' series of books which are designed to address specific emotional mental health issues primarily within children and adolescents.

"My commitment to continual professional development and ongoing study, ensures that my work remains in tune with the science of human nature, and the essential benefits of using proven up to date methods of relieving distress."



Human Givens Therapeutic Practitioner


Accredited & Registered Psychotherapist


Accredited HG Supervisor


Pamela is a Fellow of the Human Givens Institute and works in accordance with their code of ethics and good practice.

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