What are the human givens?

Each one of us has basic physical and emotional needs such as the need for attention, love, security, connection and control, and the self-esteem which arises from competence and being stretched in our lives.

Nature also gave us the resources to help us meet such needs including: memory, imagination, problem solving abilities, self-awareness and a range of different thinking syles to use in various changing situations. It is these needs and resources together, which are built into our biology, that make up the human givens.

When emotional needs are not met or when our resources are used incorreclty, we suffer considerable distress. And so do those around us.

As a human givens therapist, Pamela focuses on helping clients identify unmet emotional needs and empowering them to meet these needs by activating their own natural resources in new ways. To do this she uses a variety of up-to-date, proven techniques aimed at problem solving.


"In such a relaxing atmosphere, coming to see you was the turning point in my life, you're a gifted lady." 
Company Director

"I found it so moving and inspirational to hear how Pamela had helped a particularly troubled young girl"

"We couldn't cope as a family, but now we see the best in each other, it's wonderful." 
A family united