Independent Workshop

“Brighter Little Minds” workshops designed for schools; colleges; childcare professionals; childcare students; foster carers, parents.

Exploring the stories in the 'Brighter Little Minds' series; how the books can be used to provide emotional literacy. Learning about the use and power of metaphor, the imagination and embedded suggestions. Why we use metaphor with children. The importance of addressing emotional issues and the basis of the innate emotional needs.

These workshops can be accommodated into full or half day. Please call or email for more information.

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Creating and using stories for emotionally distressed children 
Tutor: Pamela Woodford - ONE-DAY COURSE

Wiltshire Healthy Schools

Brighter Little Minds : 
Working with Wiltshire teachers, Pamela shares special techniques to enhance the effective ... Lots of useful ideas and discussions with other professionals.".



"Charismatic speaker with a good balance of humour and information "
Managing Director

"A comprehensive, stimulating introduction to the Human Givens"
Company Director

"Excellent pointers which I can use in my work"
Police Officer - Youth offending Team