I am a psychologist and author, well versed in public speaking and creative writing, as well as having the art of putting people at ease.

My role is to facilitate and coordinate your ceremony, which allows you to have as much input with which you feel comfortable.


Celebrating your very special day is exciting and such an important time.. Non religious weddings are increasing in number each year, and as an accredited and very experienced celebrant I feel it is an honour to be part of such a joyous occasion.


Couples are free to make all the important choices about location, readings, music and the wording of their promises and vows to each other. Some excellent venues are listed on my suppliers page.

Each wedding ceremony is unique, dignified and deeply personal. 

I can help you decide on the type of service you would like; readings; music; vows etc. and create a ceremony that’s personal to you.

I will write the entire service to reflect the important aspects of your relationship.  If you prefer to write the service yourselves , then I will guide you on how this works best.


Often couples come from different traditions and incuding this into your ceremony is important for many. It can be so very elegantly and sensitively embraced with words, readings, tea ceremony, sand blending, and any other traditions close to your hearts. I will help you with all of this to ensure your ceremony is all you hope for and more.

We can also look at the various symbolic ways of celebration and commitment as well as the giving and receiving of wedding rings.  Maybe you would like to include a special ring bearer such as your dog or a barn owl for example.                                  


Many couples enjoy the “Hand-fasting”  as an added symbolic gesture after their vows and ring exchange.  This can be particularly meaningful  and effective, especially with the hand-fasting ribbons co-ordinating with your wedding colours.

I meet with you before the ceremony, to consult, answer questions, discuss ideas and to prepare a script especially tailored for the couple. I can advise on ways of handling small details that help to make such  an important occasion ~ a big success. I will then plan and rehearse every aspect of the ceremony with you so that you feel relaxed, confident and ready to really enjoy your special day. 

Creating your unique ceremony